Welcome to Vibe Drive Technologies Inc.

Manufacturers of Superb Quality “Vibratory” Post / Pile Drivers, which can also be transformed quickly (4 minutes or less) into the following attachments:

  • “Concrete / Rock Breaker” *
  • “Hoe Pack / Tamper”
  • “Ground Rod Driver” for the Utilities Industry

Vibe Drive Post Drivers can drive all types of posts/piles ie; Wood, Steel, Aluminum, T-bar, H-beam and now even “CONCRETE” posts without damaging them. Our Product is hydraulically driven and quickly attaches to a variety of equipment ie; Skid Steers, Small Excavators, Telehandlers / Zoom Booms, Picker Trucks (or will custom design) etc.  We currently ship this product line all over North America.

The above attachments sold separately

* Concrete / Rock Breakers (not for heavy demolition) ……. for light duty use